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That thing we do

People who have known us for any length of time know that Pramas and I are weirdly attuned to each other. It's a cliche, of course, to say "He finishes my sentences," but I'll say it anyway. Early in our correspondence we would chat by IM only to type the same thing at the same time to each other, repeatedly. Seriously, it was a joke between us long before anyone outside of the two of us noticed it. It's one of the things that convinced me that we were perfectly matched. I've had many relationships over the years with perfectly nice people, even some exceptional people, who didn't "click" like this. Hell, I even married one!

Of course, folks who know us in real life know this about us because, if they've spent any time around us, they've witnessed it first hand. People on mailing lists and message boards have seen this as well, but probably don't realize that when they see Pramas and Nikchick posting to the same thread, saying approximately the same thing at virtually the same time, that it isn't some coordinated campaign... it's highly likely we haven't even discussed it between us! I can't count the number of times it's happened. I mean, it happened at least twice last week alone.

Our employees, of course, enjoy an even more (I hope) amusing perspective on this, as Chris and I will often reply identically to something (he from his office, I from mine) without ever discussing it between us. Last week, I sent a query on a particular topic to Evan without knowing that an hour or so earlier Pramas had (independently, of course) sent a similar query. Thankfully, Evan knows the score. He replied back, "As I told your Rhy-husband about an hour ago...."

My Rhy-husband. That's been cracking me up ever since.


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