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Johari Window

This one's been popping up all over my usual blog rotation this morning and I want in. Do you guys see me as I see myself? Let's find out!

Click here to select 5-6 words that you think describe me and let's see what happens...


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

This is an interesting experiment. I hope the guy's site doesn't completely crash under the sudden popularity.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

It was crashing pretty constantly the first day or so, but it seems to have stabilized now. It's also spawned the "nohari window" where you can pick from a list of negative traits, but people feel empowered to write to me on a daily basis to dress me down for what they perceive as my failings already, so I think I'll just skip that one. :)

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Perhaps they just want to make sure there's nothing in your "Blind Spot" quadrant.

I saw the link to the "nohari" window, but that just seems like an exercise in masochism to me.


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