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Good Weekend

After feeling sick and lethargic all week I was definitely feeling more myself yesterday. I could tell because I got up the gumption to clean the kitchen, make pickles and do some laundry. Yeehaw.

Friday night I primed and painted some assorted minis. I haven't painted anything in for-freakin'-ever , so it was fun to just settle down for some creative painting practice.

Yesterday Chris and Kate went down to Bruce Baugh's together. Chris is playing in Bruce's new game and Kate went along to play with Michelle's kids while the adults made characters. Chris rarely (read: never) goes off alone with Kate, so I took the opportunity to bask in the silence of an empty house.

Later in the evening, while Kate and Chris were still out, Ray called and we shot down to the ZigZag for some cocktails. Five hours passed like nothing while we talked about everything under the sun (including Buffy, burns from bacon grease, politics, game design, Mac and Apple vs. PCs and Microsoft, charity, and barbecues). The ZigZag has some great cocktails and I sampled a few, including a savory, herby concoction called a Tailspin, the lemony-cherry Aviation, and something the bartender whipped up called Paradise (or maybe it's Pearadise?) that was made with Pear Brandy, simple syrup, lemon, and peach bitters. YUM.


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