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Finland: Days 2-4

Finland has been a whirlwind of activity so far. I've been taking a lot of photos and video but I can't upload them from here so I'll have to do a more thorough reporting when I get back. So fat we have experienced Suomenlinna, Finnish karaoke, miliatary museums, the National Museum of Finland, The Finnish national air guitar championships, The Ateneum, a crazy hotdog stand concoction (comprised of a hot dog, a hamburger, and fried baloney on a bun) and, now, the opening day of Ropecon proper.

At the Ateneum I discovered and fell in love with the paintings of Pekka Halonen, one of Finland's defining artists. I feel particularly lucky to have gone to the Halonen exhibit because there were several pieces there that have never been on display before. I got to see a huge number of his paintings and many of them could have just as easily been of the area around Ely, my grandfather's property around Birch Lake, all of it.

Hosts and con attendees alike have been absolutely wonderful. Would love to blog more but I'm hoping to squeeze in a beer or two before the bar closes! Tomorrow is a packed day and I'm looking forward to the festivities.

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