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Launch Party

Mixin' it up
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I roused myself from my malaise long enough to join Pramas at Seattle's Experience Music Project for the Flying Lab launch party for Pirates of the Burning Sea. PotBS is in "pre-boarding" right now, where people who bought advanced access boxes have been able to start playing and earning some special early-adopter goodies. It launches for the rest of us on Monday.

I was very responsible, drank lots of water, ate heavily from the salads and modestly from the prime rib, didn't go back for seconds and had just a small ice cream dessert. I sat a lot and talked to several Flying Labbers who I've been increasingly getting to know the last few months but didn't wear myself out and left the party at a respectable time (not too early but we didn't close the place out, either). Even took time to go through both the Sci-Fi Museum (which has changed and expanded since my one previous visit) and the majority of the EMP exhibits while we were there. Played the drums for a bit.

Realized about halfway through the party that we forgot to pay for parking after pulling into the lot we chose. Oops! Got a $25 ticket. Damn. Even so, including dinner, drinks, and access to the facility I think we still came out ahead for the evening.

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Anonymous Jenny Says:

Looks like a great time! I'm so glad you took pictures so I could experience it vicariously.

Jenny, married to the pirate with the mic


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