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The Burden of Our Wars

I've seen this story posted in a few places now:

Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back

That's right: if you get a bonus for extending your tour in a war zone and become permanently disabled before you fulfill the tour, you Pentagon wants their money back!

This is just one example of this kind of thing. Luckily it's a really enraging example which got people up in arms so changes might be made. Our Glorious Leader has reminded us on many, many occasions that HE is the commander-in-chief. He bears the ultimate responsibility, he who struts the "unitary executive" must also bear responsibility for this, for the treatment of our veterans under his care, for the demands of irresponsible administration policies that at best allow and at worst demand these actions. Make no mistake, there's been plenty of this kind of shit happening in other ways before this: National Guard Troops Denied Benefits (orders written for 729 days... 730 days would have meant paying educational benefits) or Soldiers Denied PTSD Benefits ("...Yet after they returned from Iraq wounded and sought treatment, each was diagnosed with a pre-existing personality disorder, then denied benefits...").

I'm GLAD the crooks who are corrupting the system and laying even more of the burden for this war on the backs for our citizens and soldiers are getting caught but I also have no doubt that we're barely scratching the surface of the true scandal.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Fox just had an interview with the general in charge of transitioning soldiers from Department of Defense to V.A. facilities. He says that there's no policy of taking the bonuses back from the wounded, that he's going to make sure that any money that's been paid back immediately gets back to the soldiers, and that he's going to find out which idiot said otherwise.


Blogger Nightfall Says:

And we always believe what Fox tells us huh?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I guess not. Hillary just had a speech today (i.e., days after the general said he'd fixed the problem) saying that she was going to do something to fox the problem.



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