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Pick Your Candidate

According to the poll on this site my ideal candidate for president is Mike Gravel, with whom I have "no disagreements". Interesting. I saw him on the Colbert Report and thought he seemed, well, old. Well meaning enough, on "my side" of some issues in a kind of broad sense but a little weird and wobbly, like someone's not-quite-doddering-but-you-can-sense-it-coming grandpa. Would he call the Internet a "series of tubes"? I don't know, maybe not... but he didn't give me that gut feeling of certainty that he wouldn't. Is it shallow to admit that I need the comfort of at least a little slickness and charisma? Not insincere slickness, not snake oil salesman stuff, but a person with the ability to speak in a difficult or even hostile environment and not come off as petulant, smarmy, or bumbling.

Some of the major candidates scored surprisingly low for me, probably because I feel strongly about certain issues that they're only offering tepid support for (if any support at all). Those candidates don't necessarily share my strong convictions but they do have those personal qualities (such as charisma) that aren't measured in a strictly by-the-numbers poll like this one.

Who is your ideal candidate according to this poll? Is it the same person you've been thinking you supported?



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