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More Evidence

...of my magnetic personality, or whatever it is that fuels my anti-technology aura. The light above my head made a slight cracking sound and a few seconds later went out. No biggie, light bulbs blow out all the time, nothing too weird about that.

So I thought until I went to change the bulb.

When I reached up into the fixture, the glass part of the bulb came off in my hand, leaving the metal portion screwed into the still-electrified socket!

That is unusual enough but more unusual because the bulb in the other corner did the same thing a few months ago. I never did anything about it and that corner has been dim ever since because I did not want to fiddle with shutting off the power, bringing in the ladder from the garage and whatever else might be involved in trying to remove the bulb remnants from the socket in the ceiling.

Now it seems like I have no choice but to take care of it as both lights have blown out and the side of the room where I have my desk is dark. Woohoo, something else to add to my list of household chores for the weekend.



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Blogger Becky C. Says:

Nice to meet another technological dolt:)


Blogger Cj Says:

To get out the 'ends' of the light, use a potato that is cut in half. Jam the cut end into what is left of the light and it should come out.
You really should turn the power off to this room. I wouldn't, but that's me I like having curly hair...


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