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Children of Men

Finally got to see this one last night. It lives up to the hype, thank goodness. Chris pointed out, and I agree, that it is nice to see a science fiction movie done in this way with a good story, solid acting, and without the reliance on special effects. In the same way that movies based on comics too often rely on special effects and don't bother with a tight story ("That was Lex Luther's evil master plan? Really? Lame.") sci-fi movies fall into the same trap of lingering on the neato-cool special effects and letting everything else fall away (I'm looking at you, George Lucas!).

I have to say I'm liking Clive Owen. I'd never seen him before Sin City and came away from that movie remembering his name. I had the same experience with Kevin Spacey after seeing him in The Usual Suspects. I look forward to seeing more of him.

As the credits rolled, a younger woman at the end of our row said, "Man, that was depressing." I laughed to myself because I didn't find it particularly depressing. Life in America today is depressing! Watching as we hurtle toward global war, cultural bankruptcy, and planetary extinction every day in the real world is depressing! That movie? Dark, sure. Brutal? In places. Depressing? Ha. HA, I say.

Anyway, good film. I look forward to seeing it again.



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Blogger Jason Says:

Take a chance on Croupier, which is the film that first kind of brought Clive Owen some acclaim. He's very good in it, and it's an interesting little tale on its own.

Blogger Ramsey Says:

I really liked Children of Men also. Michael Caine was hilarious. "Pull my finger."

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Jason: Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look it up!

Ramsey: One of the reasons I didn't find the movie "depressing" is that despite the bleakness of the setting and the grim message, there was that humor and there was a core of love and hope to the movie. Michael Caine was great.


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