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Bonnie: Bunny Escape Artist

After a year of living peacefully in the enclosure that takes up fully half of Kate's room, Bonnie has suddenly become much more determined to get out and roam the house whenever she can. I came up the stairs the other night to catch Bonnie guiltily coming out of the guest bathroom across the hall from Kate's room. She knew she was busted and shot with rabbit quickness straight back into her pen and shot like a bullet into the space under her cage, which is just big enough for her to squeeze into on her belly. She hid in there from me while I re-secured the pen. The next day, Chris caught her on the stairs (and she turned tail and ran from him back into her pen then, too).

This morning I was sitting at the computer when I heard a faint scratching that seemed to be coming from the living room. I looked and out hopped Bonnie from behind the sofa (where all the cords and wires lay, unprotected). Knowing what a menace she is (and really not wanting to have to replace another phone or lamp) I tried to get her to come to me and have treats. No dice. She didn't exactly flee from me but she was clearly not interested in anything but investigating the forbidden land behind the sofa.

I managed to coax her out by offering "cookies" (I've tried to train her that if I say "Who wants a cookie?" I have something yummy for her if she comes to me/sits up) and had to grab her more roughly than I intended to keep hold (as she realized she'd been tricked and tried to get away... rabbits are slippery!). Back into the pen she went and I gave her a carrot so she wouldn't be too huffy about being grabbed, but it's clear that a Bonnie Area Redesign is in order. I'm considering building up instead of out, so she could, in theory, hop up through a three or four-story bunny tower and see what Kate is doing up in her loft bed or something like that. We'll see what I can come up with. I wish the house could be better bunny-proofed so Bonnie could just have the run of the place but we have too many cords and boxes.


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