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I've had a toothache for several days. Yesterday the constant, throbbing irritation made me short tempered enough that I actually responded to something on the WZL list (which I try to avoid at all costs anymore) AND got myself a warning from the RPGnet moderators (something that's never happened in the, what, eight? ten? years I've been a member there... and over calling someone an "asshole" too... god, if I'm going to collect moderator reprimands couldn't I have done it for something less pedestrian?). Still, it's nothing compared to a good old fashioned eye-popper headache.

It's a trouble area I've been ignoring since, oh, 1990 or so because the dentist frightens me so. The thought of lying there, mouth wrenched open, while someone goes inside with power tools scares the pee out of me. A friend once told me the story of his root canal (or began to), underestimating the seriousness of my fear of the dentist. Before he'd barely begun the tale I was already so stricken that I had to stifle my scream in a couch cushion. Terror.

So. It's would take a supreme act of courage, which I doubt I can muster, to go to the dentist for this toothache. The pain would have to be a LOT worse before facing the dentist could win out. Pain I can face. The dentist has me trembling with fear when Chris has to go. I consider the fact that I was able to even calmly walk into the pediatric dentist's office with Kate to be one of the bravest things I've ever done.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I know it's scary, but going now could be the difference between a simple procedure and prolonged, painful surgery. One of my mom's coworkers had to have his jawbone replaced with cadaver bone because he let his problem go so long out of fear of dentists.

Ask around and find a dentist with good reviews. Kev hadn't been to a dentist in 13 years until I finally convinced him to try mine. He had TERRIBLE experiences as a kid. After a couple months of cajoling and begging, he finally went; he's never missed an appointment since. A good dentist makes all the difference in the world, not just to the quality of work but the ability to put you at ease...or maybe tranq you. :)

And the guy with the root canal story should be beaned.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Only a couple hours before your post to WZL, I'd predicted to Marcus King that it would only be a couple more hours before someone posted a "Take this GAMA-related discussion off this list" e-mail. I should have made a bet with him; easiest money I would've made all year.


Anonymous Dr John K Says:

What Kara said. Toothaches are not in the category of things that get better by themselves. And it may not be as bad as you fear...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

You may be able to get a sedative for your dental appointment. I have a friend who is also terrified of her dentist - her doctor prescribes her something to take on checkup days to help make the process go by better.

As someone who put off the dentist for years out of fear (and is now paying the price with a slow and infected post-operative recovery that could have been avoided entirely if I'd gone in sooner), I hope you will choose to face your fear and make an appointment. Maybe Chris could go with you and sit with you during the procedure?


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