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Goodbye Lila

My dad just called to tell me that my grandmother passed away this morning. My uncle Jack called him this morning from Arizona to break the news. Grandma had taken a turn for the worse sometime last week and Jack was able to go down to be with them. No details yet, but the memorial will be taking place in my birthplace of Ely, Minnesota sometime in the next two weeks to two months. I'll definitely attend.

I'm all the more grateful that I had the chance to go down to see her a last time this spring. We've been on the road so much and have had so much happening that it hardly seems like just three months ago that I was visiting Arizona.

I'm saddest for my devoted grandfather. Grandma was insulated from much of pain and loss from her disease. Grandpa watched it all, loved her and stayed with her and doted on her until the end. I can't imagine being in his place, after sixty years together. I had always imagined that her lingering would be the hardest part, but after seeing them together in April, I don't think losing her completely (even just the shell of who she used to be) is going to be any easier on him.


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