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Warning: Politics Ahead

I did not intend to rant about politics on 9/11 but it just worked out that way. In fact, as disgusted and fed up as I am with many political things, I feel my fury to bother writing about my feelings ebbing away before I begin much of the time. However, I've talked to many people recently who have said things to me like "Politics just isn't my thing" or "I'm trying not to pay attention to the election" and it makes me seethe.

John McCain's ads are LIES.

I feel like echoing passionate, freaky little Dennis Kucinich: WAKE UP, AMERICA!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

My complaint isn't about distorting the candidates' records, because both sides have done that since the invention of sides; it's that they waste so much time and money on things they know are entirely specious, like lipstick and old fish.

Why does lipstick on a fish upset me more? Because it shows the campaign's true attitude toward the voters: Not "They care about the issues, so let's distort them," but "Who cares about the issues? Complain about lipstick and they'll never ask about the context of the remarks."



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