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Love and Marriage

Yesterday was the wedding reception for my dear friend Evan and his lovely bride. At my own wedding I did not have the traditional Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, but chose Evan to be my Bridesman. Regardless of my mother-in-law's insistence on calling him "the other usher" he was much more than "an usher" at my wedding. In fact, he went above and beyond the call of duty, as he accepted the role before becoming unemployed in the great pre-recession of '01. He did not let his jobless status keep him from flying across the country to stand at my side, I didn't even find out directly that he was sick for most of the trip! He made sure I had a drink and that some food and cake were saved for me as I was dragged hither and yon for wedding photos and ritual dancing. He even rented the rental car after I was a complete space case and left my purse (complete with all credit cards, money, and passports) on the plane.

Evan's a super guy. In addition to being my Dude of Honor, he's also been kind enough to drive me to the airport on multiple occasions, watch my tomatoes while I was gone convention-hopping in the summer (I should have been more specific about that request, as I meant "watch" as in "tend" not as in "observe them withering" but that's neither here nor there), house-sit (and test out the alarm system while he's at it), bring dark beer and cheesy chips to game night, and slave away as our greatly-appreciated but sorely-underpaid webmaster for our little start-up company. For quite a long time I could not believe that smart, fun-loving, cuties were not lining up to have a chance with this guy!

Well, it turns out, he was just waiting for the right girl. And he's definitely found her. They radiate "rightness" when they're together and, as I expressed during a nerve wracking off-the-cuff toast to the bride and groom, Evan has blossomed. Blossomed isn't exactly the right word, the word I was probably looking for is "unfolded" I think. He's always been a quiet guy, a sly-boots quick with a quip when you least expect it, and since falling in love he's been all that and more...all the best parts of him that we've always enjoyed have been amplified.

It's a wonderful, wonderful joy to share wedding beginnings with dear friends. It was great to meet so many other people who love our friends, who know things about them that we don't, who know those things about them that we all know. There are far too few times in our lives where we unabashedly share our love for one another!

Happy wedding, Sassmaster. Happy beginning, happy life, happy everything. You two deserve no less, and I hope you have the best of everything and more.

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