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Soup for the Sick

Thursday was kind of a hectic day. Did some running around, got caught out in the rain without my jacket, missed my turn and drove all over creation before making it to Jenny's with lunch, and just generally feeling like I was running about two beats behind all day. I blamed it on poor sleep the rest of the week and soldiered on. Made Garlic Herb Soup and garlic bread for the fellas for game night, stayed up way too late with Ray and Tim (and the great NPC debate of '08) into the wee hours of Friday morning and when I finally went to bed I had my worst night of sleep yet that week. I'm a stomach sleeper and want to roll onto my stomach whenever I'm on the verge of sleep and all night long I would roll sleepily onto my stomach only to jerk awake with acid reflux. This is not a problem I normally have but early Friday morning it was pure torture. I slept horribly, got up to take stomach meds or just get a drink to soothe the burning feeling at least half a dozen times.

Friday I was a wreck. I tried to sleep late but ringing phones and a work crew power-washing the house across the street just prolonged my agony. I would fall heavily asleep to vivid dreams for a few minutes and then be jerked awake by a ringing phone or the sound of heavy equipment or crashing ladders. When I finally gave up and got up for the day my eyes burned, my head felt throbbed, and my sinuses were radiating pain down into my teeth so that it hurt to even chew. I found no comfort in food except nibbling some sweet, mushy canned pears and the remains of the garlic soup. I wanted nothing last night but biscuits and more soup, which my sweetie kindly prepared for me. I comforted myself with the Smile Time episode of Angel ("I'm going to tear you a new puppet hole, bitch!), which is permanently saved on my TiVo for times like this.

Got some sleep last night and woke up feeling about 70% better from that alone. More soup today, though I have to resort to canned soup now because all the garlic soup is gone. I was wondering what to do for dinner because Pramas is playing Spirit of the Century and I don't feel like going out to the store but JD and Kris came to the rescue by choosing today to post Kris's Hearty Baked Potato Soup recipe. My super-stocked pantry comes to the rescue yet again, I have all these ingredients on hand. Soup for the sick, I say!

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