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Food Blogging

I'm desperately behind on updating my recipe pages because I'm also desperately behind on a bunch of stuff that is way more important. Still, I'm continuing to try new things. Earlier this week I made seared sea scallops with a side of the tabbouleh we made at Ray's and some broiled fennel with Parmesan and lime which was simple and really, really good. Last night it was shrimp and papaya salad over spinach (from Pacific Flavors) and tonight it was leftover salad plus a curry udon pot (from Super Natural Cooking). The udon pot was really quick to make and pretty delicious, though Kate objected because it contained flavor. She prefers her udon in an artificial chicken flavored salty broth. Will be eating that for lunch this week. Yum!

One of these days I'll get the recipes (and my various modifications) posted. Right now I'm struggling with some new medications that are knocking me for a loop, cutting into my already tight schedule. I absolutely had to take a nap this afternoon because I was so devastatingly tired, a side effect from the new medication that I started yesterday. On the good side, I got some much-needed sleep. On the bad side, I awoke feeling groggy and I lost two hours in the middle of the day where I'd hoped to be productive.

Kate's class play is over at least. Now it's just the distraction of getting her class trip to New York sorted out. The teacher swears he'll get me their itinerary tomorrow. As we leave in less than 30 days, I'm increasingly anxious about not having the details in place. I finally just had to make my own plane reservations because I couldn't stand not having that part sorted out less than 5 weeks from the travel day. Luckily I got a really good rate for us so it won't be any more expensive than flying with the group (and probably less).

Fingers crossed that I can make some progress on things this week without too many distractions, crises, doctor appointments or general wackiness.

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Why am I awake?

Since going to England in November, I've been all screwed up. First, I did something unkind to my back (I think it was hauling the several obscenely heavy suitcases full of books for the Green Ronin convention exhibit all across London on the Underground). While I was limping around and falling asleep stupidly early, my beloved was suffering the opposite jet lag and was unable to come to bed until I was on the rise. I joked that we were like those sheep dogs in the cartoon that greet each other "Hello George," as they're crossing paths to punch in/out for work. No sooner had we righted our schedules than I fell ill and was ill for much of the month of December. I spent much of my so-called holiday feverish and coughing and tossing in sweaty, hallucinatory sleep. I finally started feeling recovered, well into the month of January, and somewhere along the line I ended up on a bizarro-world schedule that still plagues me.

I wake at 7:45 in order to get my girl dressed, fed, combed, and off to school on the bus. Some mornings we cut it too close and she doesn't make it to the bus stop in time, so I bundle up, pull a hat down over my head and drive her. By the time all this ruckus is over, I'm awake again for 3 or 4 hours, and then fatigue sets in and I'm falling asleep on my keyboard, so I have a snooze and try to recover my energy. After my nap time, I'm ready to "get started" on my day, finally eating a meal when most people are considering what they're going to have for supper. By the time Kate is getting ready for bed, I'm worn out again and often fall asleep in the middle of reading her bedtime story. Unfortunately, I'm never down for the night, and inevitably I'm awake again an hour or two before midnight.

Wide awake.

This simply can't go on, but I've been too weak to force myself to struggle through the day in order to collapse *once* at a reasonable hour of the night. Because I'm the only driver in the household, I need to be fresh and clear-headed at the right times in order to make the obligatory treks to the post offices, the bank, the grocery store, and any other errands or chauffeuring of the child/husband that need doing. There are several potential solutions to this situation, I suppose we'll see how it all resolves itself eventually.