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Why I love my husband.

We're made for each other. I've known that for years now, but it's nice to have it restated. Today's example: my favorite Dude and his lovely lady are newly pregnant and expecting a baby, what seems mere weeks after their wedding (which actually took place back in February). Evan broke the news that I'm to be a surrogate auntie, and my smart-assed first response was "You guys don't waste any time, do you!" I called Chris down from his office, under the false pretense that he should be host-like since we had a guest, but it was really to give Evan the opening to announce his impending fatherhood to my dearly beloved. Chris's first shocked response? "Wow, you guys don't mess around!"

For something like 6 years now, Chris has been able to finish my sentences, and I've been able to finish his. When we were no more than pen pals, living on opposite coasts, we could anticipate what the other was about to say, and had several Instant Messenger conversations on AOL where we're both type the same comment to each other, at the same moment. It's completely natural, unscripted. It just happens. It's one of the coolest things about my marriage.

And I'm all jolly and happy to hear Evan and Rona's good news! If I can't have another baby of my own, having a surrogate niece or nephew to dote on is just fine by me.

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