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Guilty as Charged

I've been amusing myself recently by reading the blog "Stuff White People Like".

Today's entry was especially apropos. Guilty as charged.... well, except maybe for the screaming.

I'll also cop to being at least somewhat guilty of entries #1, #11, #23, #24, #35, #38, #42, #44, #48, #54, #64, and #75.

Some entries are better than others and if you go check it out, skip the comments altogether as the humorless and the racist (and the humorless racists especially) often pop up to post rants against Jews or immigrants or the blogger for making fun of a group they see themselves in. Worthless. Stick to the entries.

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The "pimp" stand

I was walking near the park the other day with Kate when she asked me if it was true that you had to have a license to have do a car wash, because she and her friends had been talking about ways to make money and having offering a car washes was one idea. I told her I didn't know. "I've heard in some places you have to have a license for a lemonade stand," I said, thinking of those cases in Florida that made the news. Kate was disappointed to hear it.

"I wanted to have a car wash stand but Flo wants to have a Pimp Stand," Kate says.

"Uhhhhh...." I say. "I'm not sure that's a good idea... what would you have at your 'pimp stand'?"

"I dunno, Flo wants to pimp their cars and charge them like $100."

"Uhhhh...." I offer feebly. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you couldn't do that without a license."

I'm trying to imagine what kind of attention three 11-year-old girls (and one boy, if their friend Alex got in on it) would attract if they put up a sign for a "Pimp stand" with $100 prices. ::shudder:: Thankfully Kate is innocent and completely oblivious to the potentially ugly outcomes of that one.

Thanks a lot, Pimp My Ride for getting kids using the word pimp as a synonym for "fix up" or "extravagantly decorate". I know I'm showing my age here, but WTF!

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Very, very wrong

Sick and wrong...but funny. Don't click if you have an aversion to swearing babies. (If you've ever heard my "extra fucker" story, you know I don't have any such affliction.)



Jonathan Coulton

I wrote about seeing Jonathan Coulton perform at the Pre-Bumbershoot literacy fundraiser back in September. The whole event was enjoyable and right up my alley and I've been accumulating projects from most of the night's participants (I bought The Decemberists album The Crane Wife based on hearing Colin Meloy do "O Valencia!" that night) and so on.

I recently picked up the audiobook of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, presented (I won't say read) by Hodgman himself, with Coulton in accompaniment. That, plus Stan!'s recent mention of Coulton at CES sent me off on an insomnia-fueled Jonathan Coulton-themed YouTube extravaganza. Months ago I was convinced I was the last person in the world to have seen the WoW machinima video for Code Monkey (and if I'm wrong and you are the last person in the world and still haven't seen it, go watch it!) and I've definitely got a soft spot for the Re: your brains song I saw him perform. I saw lots of less interesting fan-made videos for his songs and video clips from a performance in Santa Monica last fall which got me thinking, I should see if Coulton (normally HQ'd out in Brooklyn, NY) might be performing in Seattle at all.

Success! Coulton is playing Seattle at the Tractor Tavern on February 24th

Of course, I will be in micky fricky NEW YORK at New York Comic Con that day...

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Like the rock stars do it

Take a couple of Canadian geek-rock superstars, put them up in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and see what happens:

"...speaking Olde English to the staff is fun. “Good Morrow young valet peasant. Woudst though pointith us to thine check in and registry? Forseuth, I must retreatith to mine room a mile leeward, and layeth mine heater". We were the only ones laughing. I'm still laughing.

Having stayed at the Excalibur once shortly before the GAMA Trade Show moved off the strip to the Orleans Hotel and Casino (replete with headliners like Neil Sedaka and Bobby Rydell) I can attest that the Excalibur has restaurants with names like Lance-A-Lotta Pasta! or Sir Galahad's Pub & Prime Rib House, and absolutely deserve to have people spouting their best Renaissance Faire Olde English during their visits.



Strong Bad

Strong Bad rocks. Don't believe me? Check it out!

Don't forget the t-shirts.

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