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View from the Edgewater

View from the Edgewater
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Yesterday it was sunny and summery and every cloud-weary person in Seattle was desperate to get out and play hooky. Those of us who had to work still found excuses to be outside for a minute or two, running errands or grabbing lunch in the park.

I was Flexcar-enabled yesterday for just such errand running (planned and otherwise). I drove the Alaska Way viaduct on my way to Queen Anne and got a stunning view of the Puget Sound. I drove to West Seattle and had more lovely views as I crossed the West Seattle Bridge. I drove down Rainier in Columbia City and got more than one full-frame view of whitecapped Mt. Rainier looming in the distance. It wasn't exactly like being outside but it was renewing to the spirit nonetheless.

Having reached the daily limit for fees on the Flexcar, I was able to keep it for several hours last night for no extra charge so I picked Pramas up and took the family down to the waterfront. We briefly hoped we might sneak into a restaurant with some outdoor seating and enjoy the weather but we were struggling against hundreds of other reservation-wielding diners with the same idea. We briefly sat down for dinner at Flying Fish (which I'd been to with John, Jenny and Jim in the dark of winter after one of our lectures) but nothing on the limited meal appealed to us. Uncharacteristically, we decided to just leave without ordering anything and walked down the waterfront to Six Seven at the Edgewater. Similar price range but the menu was much more to our liking (and proved to Kate, though she was offended at being "stereotyped," that she can get a grilled cheese virtually anywhere). I was virtuous and skipped wine and dessert (though how good did the chocolate Pot au Creme sound!) and satisfied myself with the salumi appetizer and a slab of buttery, sweet Miso Halibut.

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