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I want my $2.00!!

I've been trying to get the Marriott rewards people to credit me for my stay in Indianapolis since August. I've faxed their "missing stays" line the information three times and talked to two different people. One was a fairly capable-sounding chick who was thoroughly confused since my name was attached to some room that seemed like it was booked and paid "through an agency" or something. I can only think this is because my room reservation was part of a block reserved for Gen Con exhibitos but that's never kept me from getting my points before.

I can show that my name, address, and credit card were on the reservation (the Indy Marriott faxed me a copy of the bill showing *I* paid for my own room in my own name), I even sent a copy of my electronic banking records (with the other transactions blacked out) for the time period that shows the transaction clearing my account. They even credited me with points for eating in the Indy hotel restaurant during my stay... I have those points but not for the stay itself! It seems so stupid and simple to fix from my end.

After talking to a woman who swore "anyone" could help me once they got that information from me, I faxed, waited a week and called back. The next woman I talked to was definitely no genius. She started insisting they'd credited me for my stay... the stay she was referring to was the stay from *2006*! Then she looked at my recent credit from the Springhill Suites (where I rented two rooms for 4 nights for our summit) and talking about how it was "double posted" as if the two rooms were a mistake and she was going to "fix" that for me! Ai! NO!

I've been hoarding my Marriott points for years and barely keeping my "Silver Elite" status alive now that we're not traveling as much. If I don't get this Indianapolis thing sorted I'll be two stays short for keeping my status next year. In the big (or even small) picture this is nothing but for some reason it's been really bugging me and I haven't been able to let it go. I feel like that kid from Better Off Dead: "I want my $2!!"

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