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Baby Watch

Our friends at Frog Taco are expecting young master Keegan to arrive any time now, so I whipped up a couple of containers of freezable dinners for them (one pan of lasagna rolls and one pan of chicken enchiladas verdes, which I just realized are somehow missing from my recipe pages: this must be rectified this weekend!), grabbed the advanced copy of Evan's card game (Walk the Plank, coming soon!) that I brought home from the GAMA Trade Show a week ago, and added to the car another giant box of books that Kate had outgrown and been "saving for Zoey" for years now. Kate and I swung up to Queen Anne to pick up Pramas and from there out to Evan's place for the delivery of the goods.

Zoey was quite the little chatterbox! There was a time when there was some concern that she might have a speech delay or something but those days are long gone. Chris had barely stepped into the house when she unleashed such a string of pent-up excitement it was hard not to laugh out loud. In fact, I didn't even try to stop myself. I was talking to Evan and missed the first part of the tirade but it ended with something about "big sister" and "be here soon" and "his name is Keegan" which was just frickin' adorable. Of course Pramas (who barely spoke "three year old" when Kate was three, and it's been a long 8 years since those days) didn't understand a word and his baffled response just added to my delight.

Kate was a sweetie and read a couple of the new stories to Zoey so we adults could chat a little. Rona offered us some quite excellent brownies right off the bat, which made me all the more greedy to win the baby pool this time around (winner gets a basket of goodies!). Friends and family had all bought into the propaganda/wishful thinking that Keegan was set to come early and my original guess has long passed but so has everyone else's too, so we all just guessed again. Grandpa Robert and Grandpa Lou both picked tomorrow (Rona's birthday) and Grandpa Al and I are on record for Sunday. 05/06/07, what a cool numbered birthday! Do it, Keegan!

Since I'd cooked up two dinners already, I was not in the mood to cook up a third so Kate and Chris and I stopped at Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon for dinner on the way back to our end of Seattle. I was sorely tempted to get my usual (pan fried home-made noodles and whatever they call Lover's Eggplant over there) but opted for something a little different instead and got the Dragon's Delight (I think that's it) which was soft tofu and spinach in a peanut sauce that was very much like the Fettucine and Tofu with Peanut Sauce I make...without the fettucine. Just what I wanted.

Tomorrow I'll get the recipe pages updated. I'm falling behind!

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