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Jonathan Coulton

I wrote about seeing Jonathan Coulton perform at the Pre-Bumbershoot literacy fundraiser back in September. The whole event was enjoyable and right up my alley and I've been accumulating projects from most of the night's participants (I bought The Decemberists album The Crane Wife based on hearing Colin Meloy do "O Valencia!" that night) and so on.

I recently picked up the audiobook of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, presented (I won't say read) by Hodgman himself, with Coulton in accompaniment. That, plus Stan!'s recent mention of Coulton at CES sent me off on an insomnia-fueled Jonathan Coulton-themed YouTube extravaganza. Months ago I was convinced I was the last person in the world to have seen the WoW machinima video for Code Monkey (and if I'm wrong and you are the last person in the world and still haven't seen it, go watch it!) and I've definitely got a soft spot for the Re: your brains song I saw him perform. I saw lots of less interesting fan-made videos for his songs and video clips from a performance in Santa Monica last fall which got me thinking, I should see if Coulton (normally HQ'd out in Brooklyn, NY) might be performing in Seattle at all.

Success! Coulton is playing Seattle at the Tractor Tavern on February 24th

Of course, I will be in micky fricky NEW YORK at New York Comic Con that day...

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