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Easter with the Bunnies

Bonnie and Sammy
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Bonnie and Sammy have now had three "dates" without bars between them.

Date #1 took place almost entirely in a bathtub. Sammy, who doesn't negotiate well on slick surfaces, spent almost the entire time just sitting still trying not to slip while Bonnie nudged, nipped, licked and pushed him around. It ended with them on the bathroom floor, where Sammy finally got his footing on a bath mat and got his hump on.

Date #2 took place in a different bathtub. Both rabbits were more comfortable. Bonnie is bigger than Sammy and figured out she could jump in and out of the bathtub, so we put them on the bathroom floor. Sammy spent the entire date mounting Bonnie and pulling out small mouthfuls of her fur, which she mostly put up with (though she's very vocal and was grunting, growing, whining and panting the whole time) but eventually she got sick of it and seemed to enjoy hopping over to Sammy, then hopping over/past him and into the tub where he couldn't get her. She boxed his ears a couple of times when he tried to corner her and mount her and he backed off a little.

Date #3 took place today outside in the large play pen and the overgrown grass. It's mostly sunny and 55 degrees, very pleasant and the bunnies enjoyed themselves. No mounting today, though Sammy looked like he was going to give it a try a few times. Bonnie was having none of it, and he backed off when he heard her doing her weird growl/grunt/whine thing. She chinned him, nuzzled him, nibbled at him at other times and no fur flew at all. He even gave her a couple of tentative licks on the top of her head (he's not a licker, she is). He seemed like he might have liked to have snuggled up against her but she's still suspicious and focused mostly on digging. When she'd move on from an area, he could come in and investigate it. They spent an active hour or more outside together with us.

Put some photos up on Flickr of today's Date #3. Nothing like some bunny love for Easter!

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