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David Brinkley

11 Presidents, 4 Wars, 22 Political Conventions, 1 Moon Landing, 3 Assassinations, 2,000 Weeks of TV News, and 18 years of Growing Up in North Carolina

If you don't know much about David Brinkley, you should learn a little of him. Click on the photo above for the link to his Presidental Medal of Freedom obituary, and visit http://spiritofthecarolinas.com/fall2000/article_brinkley.htm for a September 2000 spotlight on him, including some excellent photographs.

David Brinkley was like Mr. Rogers for adults. He was a class act, a professional, a talented journalist and a gentleman. He refused to be classified, sometimes weighing in as a conservative on one issue, sometimes as a liberal on another. "It depends on the issue," he said. I loved his ability to balance polite, respectful discourse without shying away from trying to address the myriad political and social issues that face the world. He was a fine man.

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