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Rock Band Camp, Day 1

Kate completed her first day of Rock Band Camp. She was so excited and nervous about it that she woke up at three hours early. I dropped her off at 9am and picked her up at 2pm, hoping that everything was as fun as she'd been hoping.

Verdict: SUCCESS!

Kate is the only girl and a drummer to boot. Her description of meeting the boys went something like this:

Wait, you're a *drummer*?

And you like *comic books*?


Don't you like pink, frilly things?!

This is especially cute because Kate's outfit today was very (perhaps even unusually) girly, some khaki shorts and a pastel-checkered halter top.

The kids got right to playing music, too. "It wasn't a boring camp where you're waiting to go home. You want to know what time it is but just so you know how much time you have left to do things. And it wasn't full of facts 'n' stuff... 'The Clash is this kind of music and The Beatles are that kind of music, blah blah blah,' we just jumped in and played!"

They played Louie Louie, Blue Suede Shoes, "something from Nirvana, I think," and Smoke on the Water. "Oh, so classic rock, then," I said. "Yeah, totally classic!" she enthused.

She absolutely can't wait to go back tomorrow.

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Anonymous B.Kirby Says:

If she's not heard it already (don't recall if you're a fan) you absolutely, positively have to make sure Kate hears Sleater-Kinney's The Woods.

Not only is it ear-bleedingly loud, but Janet Weiss kicks the ever-lovin' crap out of her kit.

Anonymous Amy Jo Says:

Kate is a lucky, lucky child! I'm jealous . . .


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