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Keep meaning to blog, keep failing.

I was going to blog about my negative feelings on "mystique marketing". Failed.
I was going to blog about Kate's encroaching teen-ness and middle school cliques. Failed.
I was going to blog about the recipes I've been trying or meaning to try. Also failed.
I was going to blog about my preparations for the Pramas birthday party last weekend. Nope.
I was going to blog about how the Pramas party went. Nothing.
I was going to blog about friends, family, and my upcoming 20th high school reunion. Couldn't quite manage it.

For at least the last two weeks, headaches, crushing fatigue, and what I thought was probably just a lingering summer cold have been keeping me down.

Today I finally crawled into the doctor, as even the most potent OTC drugs have stopped providing any but the most fleeting and temporary relief. This morning I was told that I actually have a nasty sinus infection, possibly acute bacterial sinusitis. I'd been wondering if my mild childhood allergy to dust and my light seasonal allergies hadn't actually been getting a bit worse as I've gotten older. If my sinus problems continue to linger, getting re-tested on the allergy front is probably in order. Meanwhile, treatments have been prescribed and drugs purchased. I hope to feel better (and more like blogging) soon.



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Blogger Jason Langlois Says:

I hope you get well soon and that it doesn't turn out to be allergies that have gotten worse.


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