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I attempt to recreate the salsa

Food in Mexico
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Super busy trying to catch up with things (and people) between trips. Got back from New York, Saturday we leave for Vegas and the GAMA Trade Show at oh-my-god-o'clock. I managed to make a decent vegetable curry the other night that gave us left overs for several days but tonight I craved something different. Something I had in Mexico. The Best Salsa in the World... oh how I crave it.

So I went out and got myself some ingredients and did my best this afternoon to make my best approximation of the salsa. I oven roasted some onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomatillos, and guessed at what to do about the peppers. I knew the pepper mixture had chipotle peppers in it but I didn't recognize (and can't remember) what our guy said the other two peppers were. I got a selection of dried and fresh peppers that I put together as an experiment, added the sesame seeds (that I ground with mortar and pestle) salt and cilantro. It was pretty good but not quite right. Too hot for starters... I need to adjust the peppers for sure. Also not "roasty" enough. I think I'll have to really be willing to blacken those veggies. In the photos I took, everything is just black but I wasn't confident enough to really get things blackened. Overall, though, I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at recreating the salsa. Given a few more attempts, I'm pretty sure I can get pretty close.

This is probably the last cooking I will do before we head to Vegas. I haven't even had time to figure out where we're going to eat while we're there, which is stressing me out because I know my team is counting on me to get us some good eats while we're there. As official "Green Ronin Mom" I can't let my boys go hungry you know!


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