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Holy shit, that went poorly!

Ok, so today I was really pissed off about a lot of things. I decided, however, that I wasn't going to write about my frustrations. Ex-husbands, failing computer hardware, being raked over the coals for a conversation that took place and was resolved over two years ago, my daughter's stress-inducing class trip and her frustrating hippie school, politics, the situation with our HOA, the ridiculous 'community meeting' with the Seattle Housing Authority that I attended last night... I decided to let it all drift into the background and post a light-hearted little thing about my affection for stupid novelty coffee cups and my not-so-secret inner snark.

I probably should have just stuck to ranting, which everyone could have just ignored. Instead, I triggered a parade of people coming by to lecture me on the realities behind the McDonald's Coffee lawsuit. Yow. Totally not in the mood for that shit today.

Now, instead of a light-hearted post I've instead come across as a gigantic uninformed and callous asshole who is ignorantly laughing at some poor old woman who had third degree burns on her genitals, not to mention seeming to express tacit approval for McDonald's cruel policies (or the belief that anyone could even drink the stuff they sell as "coffee")!

Today was a shit pile of a day and the feedback to my "light-hearted" post was the rancid cherry on top. I think I'm going to step away from the blog for a while. Hell, maybe I'll unplug from the whole damn internet while I'm at it.



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Blogger Jason Langlois Says:

I got what you were saying. But then, I think a cup with Hot Coffee is Hot is hilarious.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

It was seriously like I'd posted about my despair.com mug only to have a parade of people come in and lecture me about the suicide rates for pessimists.

Blogger Nightfall Says:

People have no sense of humor. Plus if you spill hot coffee on yourself, even if you're old, it's not their fault for making coffee that you wanted which was hot.

Anonymous Pagan Says:

Ah, Nikchick, I am sorry you had a difficult day. I enjoy your blog I learn a lot and you are funny. I hope you are feeling more upbeat soon

Anonymous Kara Says:

I've heard a gajillion different versions of the "poor little old lady who spilled coffee on herself." At this point, I don't know what is urban legend and what isn't. I don't think anyone does except for her.

What I do know is that coffee is f-ing hot. And if you spill it on yourself, it burns.

If someone was dumb enough to A) hold it between their legs B) perch it on the dash while their reckless teenage son drives like a maniac or C) juggle it, then they deserve to get burned.

I have no sympathy for stupid people. Tell the parade to choke on THAT.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Recently I made a valid complaint to McDonalds customer services dept. about McDonalds poor standards at thier Harben Parade branch at Swiss Cottage, London NW3. The complaint concerned slow service, abrasive attitudes, and matters about unacceptable hygeine standards.

The complaint was passed on to the store by customer services, following which the store's manager, Bakry, promptly banned me from the store. He did not deny that my complaint was valid, but was told that I was banned simply becauseI I had made the complaint in the first place. Their management team consists entirely of immigrants, having come here on dodgy visas and the like, and all of which in favour of my unjust ban, which shows how much we are now under the control of illegal immigrants.

Perhaps this is consistent with McDonalds training practices. It would appear that you have to accept their adverse practices without question or suffer the consequences, as I myself did.


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