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Floods and Uncertainty


I didn't pick Kate up yesterday because Mark was concerned about the snowy-icy weather where he's at. We're scheduled to exchange tonight up at the usual spot, which is in Skagit county just across the Skagit river... which is currently under flood warning. (It's predicted to peak tomorrow night.) There is also a wind advisory *and* a landslide warning for the same area.

Amtrak has already ceased running trains between Vancouver and Eugene because of mudslides and people on the peninsula have been killed by falling trees.

I can't decide if I'm being a ridiculous wuss for considering not making the drive and waiting until Wednesday when everything calms down. Aside from our gutters overflowing things have been just fine up here on Beacon Hill but I haven't ventured outside at all today and it could be that things are different out at the bottom of the hill or up north of Everett.

Ever since getting caught in the snowstorm on the freeway last year (where things were fine down here and a complete mess up there) I've been more wary about traveling during adverse weather conditions.

Do I stay or do I go? I can't decide. Gah.



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