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Third post of the Day

Yes, yes, I know. I'll shut up soon.

I'm feeling very grinchy (if one can be a grinch about Halloween) this year.

Home alone. Chris is playing wargames with Rick, Kate is old enough to go out trick or treating with friends from school. She walked home with Camille tonight and the Gang of Four is trick or treating in Camille's neighborhood. Until dusk I was seriously considering going to see Michael Clayton and leaving a bucket of candy on the porch for the first group of kids to polish off.

Instead I dug out my costume, made myself in to Zombie Red Ridinghood (much like Evil Red Ridinghood from last year except I blackened my eyes and applied white face powder so I look good and haggard). One group of kids came to the door before I was ready so I had to ignore them. Another group of teenage boys bolted up the street and I recognized one of them as our neighbor Mark. (Mark used to play with Kate a bit when she was younger until he hit 12-13 and discovered he had no interest in playing with a little girl... he's all grown up now, tall as me, probably driving or something.) I chided them for not having costumes. "C'mon boys, *I* even have a costume," to which they protested that they did have costumes:

Mark: I'm a snowboarder (points to stocking cap)
Boy I Don't Know #1: I'm (something unintelligible).
Boy I Don't Know #3: I'm 100% Filipino, yo.

I told them to go ahead and take some candy out of the bin I was holding (my entire stash for the night) and the rude little punks started grabbing with both hands! "Hey, now, there are little kids who are going to be coming around later... leave some for them!" They continued grabbing until I yanked the bin away and hid it back inside the house. THose four boys easily took half my night's candy. Thought I could trust them to not behave like animals since they were with Mark but I was w r o n g.

In an effort to make my stash look not quite so bad, I went upstairs and dug out some random packs of Break-key that we'd hoarded years ago when Kate was into it and never got around to giving to her before her interest waned. We'll see how that goes over, I guess.

Next year Halloween is a family thing or I'm not bothering. I hope Kate brings me home some good candy (at least the Tootsie rolls she doesn't like).



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