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Game Night 1

For the last while Tuesdays have been "Game Night" around here. "Game Night" might or might not actually involve gaming, depending on who can make it and what kind of week we've all had. Sometimes it's more of an "Eat and Bitch Night" and that's cool, too. Lately, SassyRonin has had a conflict on Tuesdays and has valiantly made the effort to come to "Game Night" anyway, often leaving his house (some 20 miles from Casa Ronin) after 8:00pm and driving across the whole of Seattle to join us, sometimes an hour and a half after everyone else had arrived.

In an effort to be more sensitive to his conflict, we're trying out Thursdays as "Game Night" instead but that's put the newly-recruited Jeremy out, as he's got conflicts on Thursdays. Seniority wins out and SassyRonin has been part of our "Game Night" since there's been a game night but we felt bad that we'd invited Jeremy to join us and then promptly switched things up so he couldn't join us after all.

In that vein, we had a mini "Game Night" with Jeremy tonight even though the rest of the gang is coming over on Thursday. It probably won't happen that often but this week is Double-Gaming Fun Time. A little dinner (stuffed bell peppers, bread from Columbia City Bakery with some homemade rosemary-garlic butter, and a heart of romaine salad with a soy "Caesar" dressing), a little wine (Bogle Petit Syrah is a current favorite and stand-by) and some Ticket to Ride Switzerland. Plus, we were all finished and cleaned up by 10:00! Score!

I really enjoy Ticket to Ride. I'm not nearly as into it as Rick Achberger but I'm virtually always up for a nice, friendly game. I usually come in last but still have fun while I'm playing which is really the mark of an excellent game. (Ticket to Ride is one of the games chosen for Hobby Games: The 100 Best and every time I play I feel, yep, it sure does deserve to be in the book.) I've yet to play the straight Europe version, but I've recently played both Ticket to Ride - Märklin Edition and Ticket to Ride - Switzerland Expansion. Both add some new mechanics (Märklin adds passengers, Switzerland adds tunnels) that change up the game in fun and interesting ways. (Tunnels are scary!) I won for the first time tonight, purely by lucky draw on the route cards and being able to construct the longest route. I usually come in dead last, so winning on the Swiss board was a real treat.



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