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Jury duty

Yep, it's jury duty day. Up at 6:00am to shower, eat, caffeinate, and catch the bus in the dark. Woo! Let's all hear it for civic duty.



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Anonymous Kris Says:

Did you get selected for a jury? I testified today and I tell you-- I feel sorry for the jurors most of the time. Our legal system can be so inane!

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Nope. I sat in the room from 7:45 until 11:30, then they let us have 2 hours for lunch because there were no cases. After lunch we sat around for a while and then they had some random "early dismissals" and I was one of those. I left at 2:30-ish and have to go back tomorrow by 8:45am.

Chris and I are going to Vancouver for our anniversary this weekend and wanted to leave early on Friday, so I'm hoping I'm not selected for anything tomorrow that would screw up my Friday plans.


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