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Rat City Rollergirls

Kate at the bout
Originally uploaded by Nikchick.
We took Kate to the Rat City Rollergirls' Big Gay Bout last night. Met up with the usual suspects, who all sprung for the VIP section whereas we wanted the child rate and so were seated up in the GA section. Towards the end of the event, Christine let us know that there were plenty of seats all around the rest of the gang in the VIP area and we joined them for the last bit.

During half-time and the course of the second half, Kate roamed around taking pictures (both with my digital camera and with a hand disposable that I just happened to have in my purse). She got some really good shots, like the one above and the one below. There are also some action shots of the Throttle Rockets vs. Denver's Mile High Club and Grave Danger vs. the Derby Liberation Front. I think DLF is hilarious and they're the undefeated champs again this year but Kate and I decided we HAD to cheer Grave Danger because we'd been so completely won over by Basket Casey when watching Blood on the Flat Track at SIFF. Grave Danger got their undead booties kicked by DLF but we had a fun time anyway.

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Blogger WiseBlood Says:

I was at the Mariners game that night and I was wishing I was at the Rat City Rollergirls instead. Love the post.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Glad you liked it, WiseBlood! Thanks for commenting.


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