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Passport Away


I was told flat out that I should expect "expedited" service to take at least five weeks, not the two weeks listed on the government websites. I'm not surprised. I had to insist that the guy at the office actually send the various notarized lists, forms, and statements that I painstakingly collected over the last couple of months. He started dismantling the packets of information I'd so carefully assembled: my citizenship documentation, my sworn list of addresses, corroborating documents for the sworn statements, certified copies of our parenting plan (which specifies that Kate is to travel to Canada to spend the summers with her dad), etc. I said, "I'm pretty sure they want that documentation; they asked for it on the website." Sheesh.

Now the waiting begins. I don't actually expect to see her passport in five weeks. As long as I get it in the next ten weeks sometime we should be okay. She can get INTO Canada, it's just getting her back that could, in theory, be a problem. Though with the easing of the passport requirements I'm hoping that having the receipt showing that we've applied and it's in process will be sufficient.

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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Good luck with the passport for Kate! I think that the expedited service is a good plan, even if it does add a big chunk to the cost. Our local paper has said that the normal processing has stretched from about 8 weeks to "maybe some time this year", and that the local office for super-expedited service is booked solid for the next several weeks.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

The situation with passports is only going to get worse. I absolutely must get Kate hers because she has no other citizenship documents and the assholes who are all up in arms about "illegal immigration" are not shy at all about including her in their jackbootery.


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