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NPR cracks me up

Listening to a show on NPR tonight I heard an interview with Roger Tullgren, the Swedish metal head who has received an official diagnosis of Heavy Metal Addiction and receives government benefits. Because of his disability, he now has a job where his boss allows him to play music at work and take time off to go to rock shows.

Before signing off, the interviewer asked Roger what his favorite heavy metal song was. "My favorite song?" he asked. "Yes, well, if you tell us what it is, we might be able to play it," said the interviewer. "Oh, it would have to be Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. That's my life," he offers.

The interview ends, music begins to play...

Strains of...

JUMP by VAN HALEN, synthesizers blasting away.

Oh yeah. Those two songs are totally interchangeable.

I promptly laughed myself silly and began a coughing fit that didn't settle down for several minutes.



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