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Goodbye Orca at Columbia

Orca Mural 26
Originally uploaded by Nikchick.
Today was the last day students will be at Orca at Columbia. Our award-winning student gardens will make way for portable classrooms as our students are relocated to a new school and a different school program moves into Orca's building. I tried to capture the gardens, the murals, and the students celebrating the end of their year (and all the years Orca has been here).

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Man, it's heartbreaking seeing that garden and thinking of it going away. Such a symbol of all the years of care and nurturing that have happened at the school.

I love the poem on the plaque it's like a villanelle crossed with a sestina, and the sentiments are quite moving. Did the kids write it?


Blogger Nikchick Says:

I'm not sure where the poem came from. I should ask someone who has more institutional memory.


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