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The Fatigue

I've had a couple of brushes with illness in recent weeks. The most striking thing about my illnesses hasn't been the symptoms of sickness (sore throat, headaches, cough or sniffles, what have you) but the crushing fatigue I've experienced. It's the fatigue that's knocking me on my ass. I don't remember fatigue being so present in my bouts with illness when I was younger. I'm not sure whether I'm just more run down in general (making it easier for me to dip beneath the fatigue line at the slightest thing), if this is something that goes with getting older, or if the fatigue is a symptom of whatever illness I'm fighting. What I do know is I'm sick of it!

Today was a complete waste. I pushed myself to walk as usual this morning but went back to bed almost immediately and tried to nap through the phone ringing several times. Today was grand central station on the phones for some reason. Then I slunk off to the back row of the SIFF theater at Pacific Place and watched three movies, tickets for which I'd bought a while ago and wasn't going to give up. Unfortunately, I'm too fatigued to write up my thoughts. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I'm sticking to my plan of downing a couple of Tylenol PM and getting another night of good, hard, uninterrupted sleep in. Kate is at a special 5th grade class sleep over tonight so in theory I don't even have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Here's hoping I feel better and more like myself by Friday. Chris and I are booked to celebrate his birthday dinner at The Herbfarm (my first visit after ten years of being in Seattle) and I'm not going to let any lingering plague or irritating fatigue spoil that plan.

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Anonymous Pagan Says:

If you find that you are tired a lot, you might want to have your doctor check your thyroid .


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