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Dr. Lucky

Ray was over for game night last night so he poked around on my computer for a while and returning to a previous installation from months ago I'm at least up and able add/remove programs and Firefox is running without crashing. Small steps. I'm still not exactly confident about this machine in the long term (which blows because it's not that old!) but for now I seem to be back on stable ground.

Tim and Evan were both out last night so we broke out the board games and eventually settled on trying the new Titanic Games edition of the Cheapass Games hit Kill Doctor Lucky. The Titanic edition is very pretty, though we were a bit frustrated by the wispy font choice on the board (more than once unfamiliar players said "What's that room?" or mistook 14 for 11 and so on) but I guess we're just old and curmudgeonly. I feel like I'm constantly crying out for readable fonts in the face of more artistic choices (Unlike some, I'm not a Comic Sans hater because I can read it! which is the most important thing to me... but that's a rant for a different day.) The components are fine, the addition of the "spite tokens" speeds up the game considerably and adds a layer of strategy for those players who find themselves thinking things like "She's got plenty of spite tokens to stop this murder attempt, so I'm not going to play anything." Kate was the silent little mistress of strategy, twice busting out with murder attempts in rooms where she got the bonus for using the right weapon. Unfortunately, because of my unwillingness to part with my spite tokens, Chris was able to make a surprise (successful) murder attempt despite her good strategy and excellent poker face.

The game is as solid as ever and the components of this super-deluxe version are fine. The board is gorgeous. We found the cards to be a little "sticky" when we first opened them up to shuffle them (they didn't want to slide smoothly against each other, not that they were tacky or physically damaged or defective or anything) and I'm hoping with more use they'll loosen up a little. There are lots of clever details in the components that I have to admit I didn't notice during game play: each room card has a color picture of the room on it, the failure cards all supply humorous text and illustrations, the movement cards have one person pictured for "move one" and two people pictured for "move two" and so on.

I know James has wanted to do up a deluxe version of Doctor Lucky for the better part of a decade, so I'm really pleased for him. Titanic's edition of the game is quite nice. I hope they have lots of success with it.



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