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Last night was game night. I set up the fellas with various burrito fixings and even managed to move the story along a bit. Went to bed sometime after midnight. Not exactly sure when I fell asleep but it was definitely after 1am.

2:20am Awake. Get up, pee, get a drink of water. Can't stop my brain. After excruciatingly long time, drift off to sleep.

4:20am Awake. Horrible nightmares keep jolting me awake, as I dream about several gruesome outcomes to Sammy's neutering appointment. Get up, pee, get a drink of water. Can't stop my brain. Eventually drift back to sleep shortly before 7:00am.

7:30am Awake. Have to go get the Flexcar and take Sammy to his neutering appointment.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and feeling that horrible sleep-deprived feeling I remember (and dread) from when Kate was a sleepless baby. I felt sick with fatigue, woozy and weak and dull. My eyes hurt. All I wanted was a little more sleep.

Between 10:30 and 12:45 I tried to catch a nap, but each time I would drift off I was awoken by the phone ringing. Two calls with no caller ID. One distributor. Two different people calling the fax number but not leaving faxes. One telemarketer. One printer. I gave up.

Got my hair cut. Returned to the house and had a message from my ex- with some news that is probably going to disrupt the way things have been (generally nicely settled) for a while now. Got a call from the border police telling me that they let Kate on the ferry to come home from Victoria but I need to take care of her citizen papers "IMMEDIATELY" and she'd better not try to leave the country again until that's sorted. Lovely.

Ran off to a HOA meeting which was three hours of totally wasted time. Mandatory annual meeting, we had to have 50% of homeowners in attendance to have a quorum. We had only 25% of members in attendance (which was still over 100 people) so no official business could be conducted but they took questions anyway. Lots of BS that really leads me to think we're screwed. (May rant about the HOA, Seattle Housing Authority and CDC Management when I'm not dead on my feet. Not now.)

Ran off to pick Kate up at the Clipper terminal, where we were told to be at NO LATER than 8:45pm. Stood around until 9:25 waiting for the kids to be released from customs. Finally home.

SO tired. Losing ability to type. Bed now.

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