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Pickled trout

Pickled trout
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It's March and that means it's 25 for $25 time again. Some of the restaurants also do $15 three-course lunches, so I checked out the list and whisked Chris off for lunch at Serafina during yesterday's brilliant spring weather.

Chris had the Insalata di Barbatietola (Beet salad with orange and ricotta salata), the Trota Salmistrato (Pickled trout with red onions, horseradish and black bread), and the Buttermilk panna cotta with pine nut biscotti. I ordered off the main lunch menu and had the Mezzaluna di Zucca (squash ravioli in brown butter-sage sauce garnished with toasted hazelnuts and pumpkin seed oil) and the Crostata d'Arancione (citrus tart of creamy blood orange curd, crème fraîche, and blood orange-caramel sauce).

We'd never been to Serafina before as the eastlake location is a little out of the way from our normal haunts. I'm never in that area for any reason and would have to make the trip for a specific reason. Serafina is certainly a good one!

The ambiance of the restaurant is quite pleasant. Our servers were friendly and appropriately attentive. The place was quite busy even though we showed up in the last hour of their lunch block but the food came out without delay. Everything was mouth-wateringly delicious. It was bright and sunny while we were there for lunch but I imagine it would make an excellent place to have a romantic dinner for two just as well.



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