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Making a Split?

I'm considering splitting my food-related posts off from the other personal/silly/ranty/political stuff I post.

What do you think?

Do you like the mish-mash of content?

Would you rather see a more structured Proper Food Blog without all the distracting, generic rants?

Would you prefer to read my random musings without the distracting photos of food you'd never eat/restaurants you'll never visit/things you'll never cook?

Would making a change cause you to visit more? Less?

Please leave a comment and weigh in on the issue: don't be shy, if you're reading along I want your opinion on this one even if you've never commented before.




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Anonymous Amy Jo Says:

I enjoy reading your posts in their variety, but I can understand the wish to separate the content, especially since you have a lot of "rich" foodie material that might attract strictly foodie readers. If you spilt your site into two, I will probably read both, but your food site more often.

Blogger Evan Says:

I prefer one-stop shopping. If you had two blogs for me to read we might have to engage in smalltalk each week when we see each other, in case I hadn't read both blogs. :)

Blogger Jessica Says:

I like the mix - don't segregate your posts! :)

Blogger Anthony M Says:

I think you should separate them. You could always duplicate your post on the food blog and here for anyone who wants to see it here.

It depends on what your goal is.

Blogger J.D. Says:

Keep 'em together...

Blogger Jason Says:

I like the mix as well; it makes checking in always a surprise.

Blogger rona Says:

I like the mix also. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I do like the mix, but I would just read both of your blogs if you separated them, so I don't think that's an issue. The more important issue, IMO, is who you think your audience is. I think you could attract a much wider audience with your food writing if your blog was focused exclusively on food—an audience of epicures who don't know you personally or even know of you, I mean. I don't think those people are as interested in your opinion on politics or your travails with your neighborhood association or the joys and perils of working in the game industry as your current readers are (myself included), and so if you had a food-only blog they might be more inclined to read and bookmark it. You might grow a following. And if that sounds like fun, then do it.

And for that matter there are probably things you don't necessarily want Average Joe Blog-Surfing Foodie to know about your Life. Having a personal blog for friends, family, and colleagues, and a more public blog for us to share with anonymous gourmets might be wise from that standpoint too.

Plus, think of all the fun you'll have naming and decorating a new blog. :)


Blogger Jackie Says:

I've just started reading your blog (found you on MyBlogLog) and I enjoy the mix!


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