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Lovely, quiet Sunday

Fell asleep on clean sheets last night and slept pretty well. I awoke with Eggs Beatrice on my mind, so while Pramas made coffee, I whipped up the rest of breakfast.

Kate and I played a little Viva Pinata together this morning. Technology continues to hate me, as my #2 garden that I was painstakingly grooming into a water garden (god but it takes forever to dig ponds) became corrupted and now crashes if I try to load it, so once again I had to start over but I managed to attract both the elusive Fizzly Bear and an Elephanilla to the new garden, which gave me massive experience points. Yay me.

Chris left for gaming at Tim's and Kate was invited to a friend's all afternoon and evening so I was able to mop the floor, watch three TiVo'd shows that neither of them would have been interested in, do a couple of loads of laundry, play with the bunnies, measure the back yard for the loose-laid brick patio I'm determined to install this year and think about that landscaping I've been meaning to do. Maybe this is finally the year for installing that raised bed down the sideyard. The house was quiet and smelled of Mrs. Meyer's Lavender and I was uninterrupted all afternoon. Bliss!

No worries about cooking for anyone so I had Scallop Chowder left over from last night. I feel awfully close to refreshed, though I'm greedy and wish for one more day just like today before the weekend comes to an end. Still, I'll take what I got because what I got was pretty darn good.

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Blogger rona Says:

I just love your post! Sounds like a most fabulous day to me!!!



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