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Guinness Cake

I made Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Guinness Cake (from her book Feast) for game night Tuesday. I haven't put the recipe up in my recipe pages, but it's online at another food blog here.

This cake is REALLY GOOD. Several of the guys had second pieces. I had some for breakfast yesterday (because I was hacking off a slice for Chris to bring to John and Jenny) AND I had a second piece when Kate came home from school and wanted some cake for a snack. (I made up for it by having vegetables for dinner! Nothing but big piles of raw vegetables!)

I want more cake now. MORE! NOW!!

There is no more Chocolate Guinness Cake but I can't stop thinking about it, rich and dense and chocolaty without being too sweet, topped with its head of cream cheese frosting.

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Blogger Evan Says:

I had managed to put the Guinness cake out of my mind, but now I want more. More! :)

Blogger a wanna-be-writer Says:

Mouth watering. Oh, the agony...

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