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I don't want to be awake

I shouldn't be awake! I've had a long weekend and have to get up and do it all again today, I should be getting every minute of sleep out of the night that I can. Instead, I woke up with the lyrics from Eminem's Lose Yourself in my head at 5:00am and finally gave in and got out of bed at 6:00, staggering into the bedside table, knocking over Chris's beverage and waking him up in the process. D'oh. Not an auspicious start to the morning.

I was reflecting last night that I have been plagued by drama queens (heavy on the queen) over the last week. Last Wednesday I spent a couple hours in the afternoon taking Kate to an event where she and other little girls were being filmed and photographed for some PR (not Green Ronin-related). The room was booked until 6:00pm by the guy handling the PR event, and no one was listed as having the room after us so no one was rushing to finish up. All of a sudden this guy come waltzing in, little dog in tow, waving his hands and saying, "We have the room at 6:00!!" Now, it's about 5:50 when this starts up. At first the PR manager disputes this, and they leave the room to settle it. Meanwhile the photographing goes on and we're clearly winding up. They have about 5 or 6 shots left to go. Not good enough for this guy who comes back in the room (it's now 5:53) and starts threatening to move the backdrops himself, which causes the PR manager to get even more bent and ask him, firmly, not to touch anything.

I was just a by-stander in all of this. I was just waiting for Kate to be done. It wasn't my photo shoot, my company, or any of my business except that my daughter was coming perilously close to being caught in the middle. Still, it got my blood up and I jumped in. I told the guy that it wasn't yet 6:00 so perhaps he should stop disrupting our event and exit the room until 6:00. He was having none of it because he was convinced we couldn't possibly finish up and be out of the room by exactly 6:00 on the nose unless he paced around waving his hands and whining. I told him that since he was bent on disrupting our work he was going to owe me those additional minutes anyway. That about made his eyes pop out of his head. "I don't owe YOU anything!" "Why don't you leave the room for the remaining five minutes that we have it booked so we can finish up?" I retorted. "I will NOT. That might work with your child but that is not going to work with me, someone who is nearly FIFTY!" he frothed. "Why don't you act like it," I tossed back, and that was enough to get him to leave the room for two minutes but he was back again shortly and began moving furniture and directing his three friends around the room, touching everything that wasn't directly part of the photos. Even with all of that, our team managed to get the photos shoot wrapped up and collapse the back drop and leave the room by 6:01. All that needless prancing and posturing, all that hand-wringing drama! Over one minute of time... turns out the guy is some sort of theater guy who was practicing a play in the room or something. Drama over drama. Ha!

Later that same night, Kate and I were lingering downtown. We were meeting up with Pramas where we were all going to catch the bus home together. Pramas had been working late dong usability teasing for the new game so it was about 9:15pm and Kate and I were chilling in the McDonald's on the corner, waiting. Kate was happily eating a cherry pie or something, I was watching the silent tv above the door where Ann Coulter was flapping her mouth and rolling her eyes in disgust over who knows what. Man, I have a visceral reaction to that horrible woman. Anyway, I'm just minding my own business when I hear this woman start screeching behind me and about the time I hear "...and don't you think it's a little late for your kid to be up?!" I realize she must be addressing the back of MY head because I'm the only person in the place who has a child with me. The screeching continues "...what I'm saying is corporate America should stay in corporate America..." and "...don't you look at me that way when I walk into a restaurant..." and "...don't tell me to shut up, YOU shut up!" Woo. I decided not to engage on that one.


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