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Fifteen Hour Day

Fifteen Hour Day

Chris and I left the house at about 7:45am and didn't get back until 10:50pm.

The first full day of ALA was a learning experience. We knew it wasn't our target market for most things but we weren't sure how our new project was going to be received. I was very pleased that the people who stopped by the booth were at the very least politely supportive. People took our literature. A subset of gamer-librarians made sure to look us up because of their own interest, though not necessarily because of their jobs. In addition to that we learned a little more about the organization, got some feedback and heard about some initiatives that are being launched from within the ALA that are very interesting. I'm feeling very good about our decision to exhibit, though next time I would try to hook up and work with our distribution partners at Diamond. I think everyone else from the Seattle game industry that I've seen at the show is here under thee Diamond umbrella.

After the show let out, Chris and I ran across the street to finally see the Borat movie. I think the movie works best when you don't know what's going to happen next. Unfortunately, I'd seen enough scenes in previews, reviews, and in one horrible link in someone's LJ that I'd seen too much. The parts that were totally surprising to me made me howl with laughter and surprise at the outrageousness of it all but I really wish I'd seen the movie earlier before little spoiler here and there crept into my brain.

Since there was nothing particularly planned for dinner at home, we agreed to treat dinner as if we were at any other convention and we ate out at a new place that Ray had recommended. I don't have time tonight to unload the photos from the camera but I'll get to it as soon as I can. Review and recommendation will be forthcoming.

I wasn't quite ready to go home after dinner so Chris agreed to walk over to the Can Can with me but even though it wasn't yet 9:00pm, we were told it was standing room only for the show (and I'm just not willing to pay a $10 cover for standing room and $8 cocktails, no matter how much I enjoy Ultra and the Can Can's Bella Rouge). Instead, we made our way up to the Comet Tavern on Capital Hill because I'd heard that Speaker Speaker had a show. Unfortunately for me, when we got there we were told that Speaker Speaker's set didn't even start until 12:30am and it didn't take much time for me to do the calculations and realized there was no way I could stay for that (starting with I wouldn't be able to catch a bus back home and had no idea where the nearest available Flexcar might be) and get up and be down at the convention center and ready to go when the hall opened at 9:00am tomorrow. Instead I pouted and sulked and tried to will the circumstances to change before finally giving in and walking back downtown, exactly where we started, to catch the bus home.

Too completely exhausted to write more tonight. Maybe tomorrow…


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