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Cookie Crazy

Spent the day at R&C's making cookies. The Gitelclan had assembled there, drawn from the powerless wilds of their Issaquah home to the electricity and hot water enabled Chez Pominger and we were also joined by Christine's dear friend David (in town from Chicago) and her sister Carol.

Cookies were made (spritz cookies in green and red, crescents dipped in chocolate and nuts, those beautiful powdered sugar-covered balls called Mexican Wedding Cakes or Russian Tea Cakes depending on where you're from, and my contribution of some Earl Grey shortbreads, and the triple ginger biscotti that I so love), then Kate was served a birthday feast of cheeseburgers, hot dogs and tater tots, followed by cupcakes and half a zillion candles and gifts. We followed up the birthday festivities with Hanukkah celebrations and I managed to finally drag Kate to the car before Christine could load me up with more than the four additional bags of cookies she managed to slip into my arms as I was departing.

This week is all prep for my family's arrival on Friday. Kate is out of school now and Green Ronin is officially closed for the rest of December (though I will unsdoubtedly still be doing work between now and January). Tomorrow and Tuesday we clean and prepare a place for the Christmas tree we have yet to buy. Wednesday I attend the annual home owner's meeting to see what the heck is going to happen with the debt the Seattle Housing Authority has mismanaged our HOA into and Rosie, the dog we're dog sitting, comes to stay. Thursday it's last minute prep and making room for my mom, brother, and sister in law to stay for the weekend. Friday the family arrives and stays the weekend. Monday it's Christmas already... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.



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Anonymous Blowwhistle Says:

I am looking forward to hear about the HOA's annual meeting. Good luck with SHA!!!!!!!!


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