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Weekend Wonderland

Chris and I just got back from our weekend away. Amazed, it went exactly as planned. Got to the train on time, arrived in Portland on time, had plenty of time to check into the hotel before meeting my brother and his wife for dinner. I almost blew it big-time as I had reserved the walking tour for the wrong day (OOPS!) but they let us come along anyway and we had a gorgeous day for the tour, hit all sorts of great culinary hot-spots in Portland's newly gentrified Pearl District, enjoyed happy hour at our hotel and then dressed up in the clothes we would have worn to the wedding in England if we'd been able to go and went out to dinner.

The hotel had this great old-style London cab that they offered as "town car service" so we were dropped off and picked up in style. We didn't actually do any of the outrageously expensive spa stuff but both enjoyed the luxury soaking tub, fancy shower, and complementary robes in the privacy of our room.

Today we met up with my high school friend JD and his lovely wife Kris for brunch (and got to meet Amy Jo and her husband in person) and got to see their great old house and I just chilled out drinking tea and watching squirrels while the guys played with their new Wii. JD so kindly dropped us at the train station where we waited in line for a seat assignment and were able to board almost immediately. Train left Portland on time, arrived in Seattle with no trouble at all and we hopped a bus home after only a 10 minute wait.

It's *snowing* right now and walking home from the bus stop was really pretty. Everything went off perfectly and the snow falling as we walked home made it feel just a little more special (particularly after all the drenching rain we've been having).

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll have more details about the hotel, the walking tour, our diversion to Powell's City of Books and our hedonistic food excesses tomorrow.


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