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Minutes ago I heard some curious sounds coming from the back of the house. Peering out the window, I see that the sounds are coming from the back of the neighbor's house where the husband and wife are standing with a big, steaming pot. After six years of living next door, we're still only at the "Hello, how are you?" level of communication because my neighbors speak very little English. Their now-teenage kids are much more Americanized. The husband is so cute, he wears a plasticized little red apron with white polka dots. I see him sometimes as he's standing at the sink doing dishes. His wife is helping him pull a plastic garbage bag over his head and tear holes for arms, to further cover him head to toe. He squats down and begins to use a large Chinese cleaver to fish plate-sized turtles out of the steaming kettle. There's been more hacking and scraping going on back there but my curiosity has been satisfied and I'm done spying for today.


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Anonymous Christine Says:

I think your original ideas for the dressings will work just fine.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Ha! There goes my Thanksgiving "surprise".


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