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Thanksgiving, of course

Turkey platter complete
Turkey platter complete,
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Was it a holiday involving food? Then I was there, of course!

It was a much smaller group than our 22 people feast last year so we were all able to be that much more relaxed and content. Ray, Christine, Carol, Pramas and myself, Chris L and Bill, plus Bill's mother and brother. Bill's mom is such a hoot: for a while after dinner we were chatting about how we'd both met our men on the internet. She then told me about her two suitors in Arizona (one to whom she broke off an engagement but who still comes around bringing her roses) and showed me pictures of her most recent cruise. Love it!

The food was fantastic, as usual, and we left with a big whack of left-overs. Carol made her homemade cranberry sauces (plain and ginger). I made my two best stuffings (Wild Rice and Chorizo, and Sausage and Pear). Lihosit smoked turkeys and Bill made his marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole, though he'll never live down the Great Marshmallow Fire of '05. I fell into a food coma. All was as it should be.

Today Pramas and I are sneaking off to a posh Portland spa hotel, where we will ruthlessly relax and make the most of the rest of the long weekend. There will (naturally) be some fine dining, some visiting, and a bit of roaming around. I have high hopes that there will be some massages and whirlpools in there somewhere as well.

See you all on Monday!



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