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Sarah Katherine Rocks the House

I just returned from listening to Sarah Katherine Lewis read from her book Indecent at Elliott Bay Book Company here in Seattle. I've been a long-time reader of SK's LJ (and still think of her as her former handle "Motel666") but meeting her in person is a different level of delight.

Sarah is one smart cookie. Her writing is tight, her reading is fun and funny, but she's also the kind of woman who can use the word milieu when answering a question about the environment surrounding Seattle's sex workers and it works. It totally works. I was telling Pramas just this morning how sexy SMART is and Sarah has it in spades. She's the kind of girl who will look you right in the eye while answering your question during the Q&A and then do the same while thanking you for attending. I wanted to monopolize her time for the rest of the night because she's just that fucking interesting.

Since she's a hometown girl, the room was full of friends, admirers, LJ voyeurs like me, and even a few total strangers who came in knowing nothing more than a local author was reading. I spent not quite two hours at the bookstore and tore through the first couple of chapters of the book on the bus ride home. Good stuff. I promised myself I'd write something as soon as I got home before everything I wanted to say faded from mind but it's already too late. All I can say is that it resonated with me. If you have a chance to see this lovely woman, don't pass it up. If nothing else, at least read her book.


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